Saturday, November 16, 2013


Well, if you have assumed I have given up on this dear old blog, I would probably say you're right.
I have not been able to get my groove back for the last year and I'm not quite sure why. I will have to ashamedly admit it is in part to instagram, which I know (and agree) is a cop-out. But, when I can upload one picture in four seconds and say what I need to about it, the need for a blog seems like an age old form of communicating ideas with people.
Still, I find myself missing it here. Whether one person reads or a bunch I liked documenting my life, my projects, and anything else I wanted to share with whoever happened upon this little space in the cyber world.
I have considered starting fresh. A new blog with a new name and a new focus. But if you know anything about me I am not good at change or forgetting where I've been.
So, I'm going to have another go at it but with a little help.
Greg is going to be helping me, writing, sharing some of his own DIYs, inspiration, and making some amazing printable happy things for people to enjoy. We're going to go at it as a team like everything else we do and see if it helps me move back into my happy place.

We have a lot to be thankful for and a lot to be inspired about:

 Oh yes. Our little bird will be here in march and we are beaming about it.

So here's to love and newness and life.
To fresh starts in familiar places.
And to people who hold our hands through it all.
xoxo jess