Thursday, January 9, 2014

Little Boy Blue.

Those who know me well could easily tell you I am THE WORST when it comes to change.
To be honest, I am the girl who cries because her family gets a new toaster.
So this week was a very big, proud, growing up week for me.
This week I said goodbye to my dream car... My Little Blue Bug.
 (This is me many years ago when I finally got my little love.)

I have wanted one since I was little but I never really thought I would. My brother found a great deal and I jumped even if I wasn't really ready to. I am SO happy I did because I have LOVED this car over the years more than you could ever know. It was literally the vehicle personification of me.

This week we had a sad goodbye as I moved up to mama car status. After talking about it over and over with Greggy the Bug just wasn't suited for our growing family.
I am not going to lie, the very best part of our new car is that its blue:) I have now only ever owned blue cars. A Neon which we called Blue Bug, the actual Blue Bug, and now my Forester which is deemed Blue Bug 3.
Here's to keeping the family safe and learning not to be so attached.
xoxo jess

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