about me

Who is the girl behind the blog?
Well hello, my name is jess.
You can also call me j, bird, and the ever popular, miss jessica.
I am a twenty something who still desperately believes in love.

I am engaged to an incredibly handsome Finn, named Greg, who is basically my other half.

We share in mutual weirdness and spend our days fort building, adventure going, and loving others the best we can.

I love little ones. They are the most pure beings who love so unconditionally, I want to be just like them. They are my inspiration, my soul, and my heart. No one understands me like a child.

I am crafter in every sense of the word. Creating keeps me inspired, and being inspired flows into every aspect of my life. It what keeps me smiling.

I am surrounded by the most supportive, beautiful, inspiring people, I am sure I take them for granted and spend most days trying to remind them how wonderful they are.

I am human and write as such. You get its all good and bad, ugly and beautiful, my complete stream of thoughts,
I want this to be real.

My heart is scattered all over the United States, I have many homes.

I am a dreamer of dreams trying to surpass anyone who puts a limit on me.
I have more children's books than any other kind in my library. It does not bother me at all.

I am a..
tea drinker
day dreamer
craft space organizer
free spirit
understander of little minds
fresh veggie and fruit eater
colored tight wearer 
pasta lover
giving tree
origami  appreciator
collector of collections
old soul

I am just someone doing my part to leave a little more magic in the world.

.Thank you so much for visiting.